The Change Management Toolbox is the realisation of a passion to assist people in organisations to understand, develop their own capability and achieve successful change.

In developing the Cards as a first step in this journey it seems i overestimated the confidence of organisations to take on the change effectively themselves.

People who purchased the cards loved them, experienced change facilitators were off and running.  Others however, were keen to get me to come along and do some work with them.  I am humbled by the response, but, it wasn’t quite what i was expecting.  In developing the cards i was creating a framework and tools to enable them to work with them.  It seems i had a bit more work to do around helping leaders and change agents in organisations to grow their capability and confidence.  As a result of this i have developed some programs that will be launched over the next few months.

I have created a program that develops capability of leaders, HR practitioners and change agents around managing change.

I have also created a program that can be used with intact teams (project team including key stakeholders) either within an organisation or in a public workshop with multiple organisations project teams), but more about these in  the coming months.

Fundamentally i see my role as helping demystify the change process by providing Leaders, Project Managers, HR and Change Practitioners with change management tools and processes that they can readily use in the workplace for team or organisational wide initiatives. The objective – to help you become one of the 30% of change initiatives that succeed.

The Change Management Cards provide a fresh alternative to that intractable problem of engaging staff in your change. They are also a great way to begin the conversations that so often just don’t seem to happen.

Having both formal qualifications and over 20 years experience in change management Michelle Lambert has a real passion about helping leaders and change agents in organisations find better ways to engage their people in their change management initiative.

It is the “Business Given” that the change needs to occur, the change management cards are a collaborative and informative way that organisations can co-create the way to achieve the desired outcome – by creating understanding of the issues, clarity and transparency of roles, engagement in defining the how and ownership of the process to achieve it, organisations are in a stronger position to achieve commitment to the outcome.

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