Change Management cards

For a preview of the cards download your free iPhone app – simply double tap on images to flip cards.

Our Change Management Cards provide a fresh alternative to that intractable problem of engaging staff in your change.

The Change Management Cards are designed to stimulate and create the opportunity for the conversations that need to occur before, during and after change.  By engaging your people with the cards it gives you a framework to enable you to socially construct a better way forward to a given business outcome

They are about tapping into your organisation to engage your people, help them understand the need for change, and work with them in a structured way to socially construct a future state that will achieve sustainable business outcomes.

The change management cards contains four subset groups of cards to assist in demystifying change. Those subsets are:

  • Joker cards :  When playing cards we watch out for the Jokers to increase our chances of success. These Joker cards are no different, only they articulate key cultural areas critical to successful change.
  • Process cards :  The Process Cards outline processes that you may need to go through whilst defining, developing, implementing  and reviewing your change initiatives.
  • Role cards :  The Role Cards provide the detail of key roles that you need to consider.  They give you the opportunity to clarify responsibility and accountability issues with teams in a constructive way.
  • Tools Cards :   The more than 50 Tool Cards provide you with descriptions and contexts of tools that have proven successful in maximising the success of change in  many organisations. These cards are designed to address a broad variety of challenges that arise during change and can be used in conjunction with the Jokers, Process or Role cards.

The ways that you can use these cards in your team or organisation is only limited by the collective imagination & intelligence of the audience.

Although they are a powerful tool to enable the social construction of a way to embrace change and the future, they can also be used by individual leaders and practitioners to inform their initiatives during development and implementation of change.

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