I was really impressed with the workshop yesterday, particularly with seeing how the Change Management Cards could be used in the workplace. Whilst I have thought the cards a great idea from first seeing them, I was extremely impressed in seeing how they might be used in fun and effective ways to tackle specific key challenges across various organisations. We all know that finding interesting ways to focus people on key organisational issues is always a challenge. I was impressed that the Change Management Cards could be used in a limitless number of ways – ways I hadn’t even considered. I particularly liked the ideas of using the Cards to engage people in creating a ‘recipe book’ for change as well as the suggestions to use them to construct a ‘roulette’ type game and to use them to build a tower of change steps. 
Debra Dobson
Corporate professional

What a great way to spend an evening with great people interested and active in developing, through the change management cards, interactive games and ways to open up conversations about change in our organisations and amazingly reducing some of that initial resistance. Change doesn’t need to be hard work at all! 
Tiffany Grey
Strategy & Change Consultant Alchemy Road

The change cards offered an opportunity to have lots of fun as well as the more serious approach to exploring possibilities. The cards also allow you to evaluate different tools, processes and techniques and discuss them objectively to find an approach that suits the situation. We created a game using the change cards that addressed change fatigue and aimed to reinvigorate the team though more change was inevitable. The evening allowed us to test and build our ideas with others. 
Tania Sherwood
OD & KM Professional

The recent session with the Change Management Cards was an excellent opportunity to transfer change principles by stealth! The cards could be used at all levels of an organisation. I liked the practical focus – using the cards to for eg: discuss a process approach to address scenarios and issues. Good for beginners in the field as well as a refresher for the old hands. Congratulations! 
Sha Reilly
Public Sector Manager

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