Social Media Field Guide Masterclass – Testimonials

Examples of organisations who have attended the Social Media Field Guide Masterclass

Medibank, Qenos, Ericsson, Department of Education, Department of Transport, Dulux Group, CPA Australia, World Vision Australia, Department of Treasury & Finance, Lion National Foods.

We encourage organisations to either do an inhouse workshop, involving all functional groups who are key stakeholders in this area, or in a more public style workshop having multiple attendees from each organisation.  This enables participants to work together to develop their strategy and implementation plans collaboratively.

Some comments from the attendees are included below;

“Really good discussions around barriers where we came up with creative ways to address them – it gave us ideas of how to do things differently back in the workplace with our stakeholders”

“It provided great templates and processes to look at structuring how we do social media and this type of communications back in our organisation. It took us through the process of how to nurture and grow networks and communities in a sustainable way”.

“It helped me understand how we can make people more aware of the changes taking place in their roles because of these types of tools. It provided structure and strategies for approaching the task and monitoring our communities whilst having contingencies in place for things that may come up”.

“I understand the importance of being a role model for engaging with content to develop and sustain networks using these tools. Also the idea of doing small cheap experiments to see what works in my organisation to help engage stakeholders”.

“Great to give you a robust structure and process to enable you to have informed conversations with senior management where you are prepared for their questions and challenges and can help them understand the ROI”.

“After the first Business Requirements, Strategy, Governance part of the workshop I felt a lot more confident about having conversations about our business needs with stakeholders who want to take an ad hoc approach. I was able to have calm conversations that allowed me to plant productive seeds about our needs”.

“I liked that we spent the half working on Business Requirements, Strategy, Governance and barriers so that when we came to discuss the tools we had a much clearer picture of what our needs actually were”.

“I liked starting with an outcome in mind. So often in these types of sessions you get straight into the tools, this workshop led us in the direction of understanding the business needs – what outcome were we trying to achieve. It then provided a great structure and process including valuable templates to enable us to work out what tools would meet those business needs”.

“I now feel confident and clear in my mind of the process to take the business through to achieve the outcome best for our organisation”.

“I am energised by the process, it enabled me to refine the approach to take back to my part of the business by working it through to the ‘sheer essence’ of the requirements without all the noise”.

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