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July 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

There has been a lot of hype about Google + over the last few weeks.  Some 103,000,000 results in 0.24 second when i used a well known search engine to check the activity🙂

When Google bought out Google Wave I was one of many people who played with it and found it had lots of possibilities. Its a bit sad that they decided not to continue with it but hopefully they learnt enough from it that we will get to experience more of those type of tools in the future.  Because of the Wave experience some have been a bit hesitant to explore +, but i can only share my experience here and encourage others to get onboard and have a play to find out for themselves.

I was invited to join at the beginning of July and what with the other things on my plate i didn’t do too much about it. At a conference last week in Sydney I finally started to play with it and find there are lots of possibilities and would like to share some of the functionality that I experienced with you:

Google + circle

complements of Mashable

Circles – After a bit of prompting from the person who invited me i started playing with setting up my ‘circles’ – that is where you set up groups or lists of people that have similar interests. The drag & drop functionality here is pretty cute. Having circles enables you to chat or post comments to particular topics that a given circle is interested in, instead of ‘spamming’ followers with topics they find irrelevant. You can target your audience – say IT circle only, or IT and Work colleagues, or just everyone so you set it to Public.

Stream – this is where you post, to me it comes over as a cross between twitter, yammer and even a bit of a blog of you want it to be (all be it short term posts).  At the conference twitter went down, so Cory Banks (the person who invited me to +) and I decided to play with Google + instead. I decided to experiment using the stream capability as a real time blog post so that those who were unable to be at the conference could read and continue the conversations. You can make your own decision about how that works if you look at my slide share presentation on the speakers I posted on.

It has a +1 button which is obviously their answer to the Like button on facebook, seems to work fine.

Hangout – looks pretty cool, whilst the conference was on Cory went on Hangout and had a video conference with a couple of guys in different places in the States. He went on the chat function with his head phones on so he could hear them speaking whilst he interacted silently – ever the early adopter.

Huddle – is like setting up a group chat or messages to individuals – of course there is an app for that, have only played with that a little bit but it certainly has potential for collaboration

Of course there are other functions available on Google + but these were the ones that we explored on the day and i thought it would be good to share them and find out what other experiences people have had with this and other functionality that they have used.

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