Useful resources

Some of the tools that the Change Management Cards refer to have been tested by many organisations in many situations.

This page is the beginning of a list of resources that Leaders and Change Professionals draw on to deliver more effective change to their organisations.

Please feel free to suggest more great resources you have found in the comments.

When dealing with complex situations much of the work done by Daivd Snowden from Cognitive Edgeis seen as providing some different approaches to old problems

Debono Institute is a place to find resources that are designed to help people think differently

Lewin is a highly respected professional who has done great work in the change area – his work on Freeze phases is located here

Kotter has developed his 8 step change model that many organisations find gives a clear approach to change management

Stephen Covey has been renown in his work around habits of highly effective people, some of these tools have been found helpful in times of change


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